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10 Dezember, 2007

[Wichtig] Protokoll zur vorbeugenden Überprüfung für Beleuchtungseinheiten

Study the instruction manual as well before inspection.

  • We recommend performing "Preventive Inspections" periodically (every time you replace lamps and at least once every 6 months).
  • The table below identifies the check items to be observed. Put (X) if not applicable or (✓) if applicable.
  • If there are any check marks (✓) noted, immediately stop use of the product and seek service or replacement for the illumination device(s) for prevention.
  • If you detect an abnormality other than that listed below with your illumination device or other Olympus product, request inspection from your Olympus distributor.

If you have any questions, please contact the following.

Check items

Check results (Date)

/ / / /
1. More than 8 years have passed since original purchase of the illumination device, or the total using time exceeds 20,000 hours of use.

2. Lamp does not light sometimes even though the main switch is turned ON.
(Only when using the halogen bulb)

3. Dirt or substances are attached around the main switch.

4. The light flickers if you move a lamp cable*1 or illumination devices.

5. Lamp cable*1 is unusually hot to the touch.

6. Burning or smoke odor.

7. The light still flickers even though the lamp is replaced
(Only when using the halogen bulb)

8. Signs of deformation, backlash, or looseness, etc. when you assemble/disassemble the illumination device.
(I.e. it is hard to open/ close the lid during lamp-replacement.)

9. Lamp connection terminals*2 have become discolored or tarnished, or the colors of the right and left terminals*3 are different.
(Only when using the halogen bulb)

10. Lamp cables*1 or wiring parts have become deformed, cracked or tarnished in any way.

11. Frequent repairs to similar devices put into use at the same time as the unit being checked.

* If the spaces are not enough for check, copy this sheet.
*1 Discharge burners: Mercury burner / Xenon burner / Metal halide burner
*2 Example of a lamp cable. (Other models may not be shown here.)

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Lamp Cable

*3 Example of connection terminals. (Other models may not be shown here.)
Connection Terminals

*4 Example of a lamp installation terminal. (Other models may not be shown here.)
Lamp Installation Terminal

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