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28 November, 2002

[Wichtig] Sehr geehrte Anwender von Mikroskopen von Olympus


We have recently discovered that the chrome plating on some of our microscopes objectives can exhibit cracking or peeling, which may result in sharp edges that could cause cuts. These objectives were manufactured during the period of January 1996 through October 2000 and may have been purchased by you as a component of OLYMPUS BX40/50/60, IX50/70 and CX30/40 series microscopes. The affected objectives are model Numbers ACH10X, ACH10XPH, ACH20X, ACH20XPH, ACH40X, ACH40PH, ACH100XO, ACH100XOPH, ACH60X, PLAN4X, PLAN10X, PLAN10OXPH, PLAN20X, PLAN20XPH, PLAN40X, PLAN40XPH, PLAN100XO, PLAN100XOPH.
Effective immediately, the warranty period for these objectives is extended indefinitely.

If you have any of the above listed microscopes models please inspect the objectives to see if there is any evidence of bubbles, cracks or peeling in the chrome plating. Caution should be taken during this inspection as it is possible that you may encounter sharp plating,

Olympus assures you that maintaining the highest quality standards is our highest priority. Therefore, all objectives exhibiting this deterioration will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

[Contact information regarding this issue]

Americas Patrick McGlone
Director, OSSA Technical Services
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas
3500 Corporate Parkway
Center Valley, PA 18034
Tel: (1) 484-896-5255
Middle East
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People's Republic of China OLYMPUS (China) Co.,LTD.Shanghai Branch
10F,K.W Center,1010 Huaihai Rd (M),Xuhui District,
Scientific Solutions Business Division
Quality & Regulatory Affairs Dept.
Tel: (86)21-5170-6024
Japan Customer support center
Other Asia,Oceania Please contact your nearest sales representative for Olympus microscopes.

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