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Introducing the Autophagy applications used Olympus Biological Microscopes.
Die DP74 Mikroskop-Farbkamera von Olympus ermöglicht intelligente Echtzeit- und Fluoreszenz-Aufnahmen
The new Olympus DP74 color fluorescence microscope camera combines advanced image processing technology, a low-noise design and easy-to-use software to deliver smooth, true-to-life images in demanding life science and industrial applications.
Am Olympus Discovery Center an der University of Texas in Dallas stehen Forschern modernste Mikroskopiewerkzeuge zur Verfügung.
WALTHAM, Mass., October 11, 2016 - Olympus continues to demonstrate its commitment to advanced bioscience research with the opening of the Olympus Discovery Center at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), a new facility that makes advanced microscopy equipment accessible to researchers.
Die LC30 Mikroskop-Farbkamera von Olympus bietet Wertigkeit und Leistung
The new Olympus LC30 is an outstanding cost-effective, entry-level color microscope camera that delivers excellent performance for brightfield applications and digital documentation in both life and materials sciences.
Das neue FLUOVIEW FV3000 System – für schnelleres, einfacheres und besseres konfokales Imaging
The Olympus FLUOVIEW FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope combines usability with high-performance imaging capabilities so researchers in such fields as cell biology, cancer research and stem cell research can collect relevant imaging data quickly and easily.
Technical Instruments ist neuer Vertriebspartner für Mikroskope und Bildgebungssysteme von Olympus.
WALTHAM, Mass, April 1, 2016 — Olympus has announced that, effective immediately, it will begin selling its biomedical and industrial microscopes and imaging instruments in parts of Northern California and Nevada via Technical Instruments, Burlingame, CA.
Bequemes Arbeiten mit den neuen ergonomischen Komponenten für Stereomikroskope von Olympus
Olympus new ergonomic components for its SZX2 stereo microscope series enable users to remain in an ergonomic position while working, boosting productivity and reducing user fatigue.
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