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AH2 Series

The Vanox AH2, the successor to the Vanox AH universal microscope, was finally released in 1983 after much hard work. The AH2 series was born in pursuit of the pinnacle of microscopy. The AHBS in particular incorporated groundbreaking mechanisms and functionality.
This series included the world's first microscope autofocus mechanism. This technology was subsequently applied to the autofocus function for single-reflex cameras. The Olympus autofocus technology is rooted in this microscopy development.
The AH2 series used a motorized device to automatically set (in an interconnected fashion) the field stop, aperture stop, and condenser selection, in line with the objective lens specifications (magnification and brightness). Switching between the observation and photography optical path could also be automated. The extensive use of cutting-edge electronics meant Olympus had developed an easy-to-operate microscope, which allowed users to concentrate solely on the observations.

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