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3D Imaging and Analysis Solutions

Your discovery research is constantly evolving, and the right tools are critical to your workflow. We provide a range of analysis and imaging system solutions with the optical performance you need.  With the advance of more physiologically relevant 3D models, confocal and multiphoton imaging solutions with the right optics provide better images for better results.  Coupled with our NoviSight™ 3D software for high content analysis (HCA), we're ready to meet your challenges with samples going beyond the traditional 2D screening methods.  Talk to us about our newest solutions and customization capabilities.

NoviSight™ Software


3D High Content Analysis

  • Obtain true object counts and morphological measurements in 3D
  • Statistical reporting of microplate data
  • Dynamically linked data from image to analysis
  • Standard assays and algorithm customization service


FV3000RS Microscope

High-Speed Confocal
for Deeper Imaging and Resolution

  • Superior optical sectioning at depth compared to fixed aperture systems,
    through use of a single, adjustable confocal aperture.
  • Simultaneous multichannel spectral detection
  • Macro-to-micro functionality
  • Advanced optical performance deep in live spheroids and tissues
  • Range of customized solutions



FVMPE-RS® Microscope


Multiphoton Imaging
for the Thickest Samples

  • Image whole organisms, tissues, tumoroids
  • Imaging in live and fixed tissues
  • In vivo imaging
  • Microplate compatible
  • Range of customized solutions


IXplore Spin

Confocal Imaging
of Rapid Cell Dynamics

  • Ultrafast spinning disk confocal with the Yokogawa CSU-W1
  • Precise 3D imaging with improved depth performance using silicone oil immersion objectives
  • Multi-point illumination for reduced phototoxicity during time lapse experiments
  • Expandable with modular upgrades for super-resolution, TIRF, & FRAP


IXplore Spin

IXplore SpinSR

IXplore SpinSR

Olympus Super Resolution Imaging
for Live Cell Samples

  • Olympus super-resolution imaging down to 120 nm XY resolution
  • Enables easier quantification of subcellular structures like lipid rafts, membrane clusters, and vesicles
  • Compatible with standard dyes and fluorophores – no special SR reagents required
  • Suitable for live cell imaging in multiwell vessels and microplates with recommended lenses


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