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Welcome to Ask the Experts, your one-stop portal for life science microscopy queries. Join our experts on live webinars to discuss trending topics, or contact our experts at any time with your questions and challenges. Missed a webinar? No problem, you can listen again. Don’t see a topic you’d like to discuss? Use our feedback form or contact our experts directly for help.

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Microscope Objectives—Where the Magic Happens

Klaus Willeke
Product Marketing Manager
Lauren Alvarenga
Product Manager, Life Science Microscopy
In this webinar, Lauren and Klaus would like to emphasize the importance of good optics in a complex system like a microscope. They will discuss different aspects which are important for the final image quality.
ICSI—Past, Present & Future

ICSI—Past, Present & Future

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai
Medical Director, Bloom IVF Group
In this webinar, Dr. Pai will be sharing on what’s new in the management of male infertility with special focus on Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). He will be describing the latest diagnostic modalities in male infertility especially sperm DNA fragmentation, genetic testing, cryotozoospermia and microsurgical TESA in cases of non-instructive azoospermia.

Digital Image Processing Part 2: Advanced Image Processing Filter

Heiko Gäthje
Senior Trainer, Training Academy
In our first webinar on this topic, we learnt that images taken with a light microscope are never quite a perfect reflection of our samples. There are always sources of error, and as we can only minimize such errors, the raw data of an imaging experiment will often need some digital image processing before final image analysis.
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