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UC30 Color Camera

Discontinued Products

This product has been discontinued, check out our current product UC90

This product has been discontinued, check out our current product SC50

The UC30 offers high-resolution, fast frame rates, high-sensitivity and color binning (where images remain in color). With both color and monochrome modes, the UC30’s CCD chip has a 3 Megapixel resolution and a bit depth of 14 bits. The camera supports various frame rates, and with the 3x binning mode (688 x 514 pixels) the camera offers close to 35 images per second. This means that searching and focusing can conveniently be done within the entire image. The camera control panel is completely integrated with the Olympus cellSens imaging software, which enables real-time functions such as automatic contrast adjustment and enhancement, ensuring the best possible images even with sub-optimal illumination.

The UC30 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

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