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OEM Components
A selection of 5 tube lenses

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Microscope Tube Lens

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Microscope objective manufacturing

Crafting Precision: Behind the Lens of Microscope Objective Manufacturing

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Microscope objective specifications

How to Read Microscope Objective Specifications at a Glance

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A microscope LED

A Guide to LED Light Sources for Microscope Devices

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Spatial frequency

5 Ways to Use MTF Charts for Optical Instrument Design

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OEM components for a compact microscope-based imaging device

How to Minimize an Optical System for a Compact Imaging Device

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Enhanced darkfield illumination

Enhanced Darkfield Illumination: Label-Free Imaging at the Nanoscale

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Microscope autofocus system

Microscope Autofocus: Active vs. Passive Methods for Equipment Design

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LED microscopy

A Bright Idea—Developing LED Components with High Color Rendering for Microscope Devices

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RoHs compliant OEM components

A Faster Way to Verify RoHS Compliance of Microscope Components and Optics

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Mechanical engineers meeting with clients for a component design review using a 3D CAD drawing on a computer screen

Direct Access—Download 3D CAD Data of Our Microscope Components

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online objective finder

How to Use the Olympus Objective Finder in 5 Easy Steps

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OEM optics

The Importance of Compensation-Free Optics in Microscope Design

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Single-molecule sensitivity in confocal microscopy

Good Optics—Improving Single-Molecule Sensitivity in Confocal Microscopy

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Microscope objectives with wavefront aberration control

Why Objectives with Wavefront Aberration Control Are Essential for Good Microscope Design

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