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DP80 software modification program

DP80 software modification program

1. General

We found the long time delay to start the live after pressing the live button in some cases. At this time, we prepared the update program to solve this phenomenon. Please kindly update cellSens Ver1.7.1/1.8/1.9 by using this program.

2. Object Product

cellSens Ver1.7.1/1.8/1.9 controlling DP80

3. Defect Phenomenon

In some cases, it takes long time to start the live image display after pressing the live button.

4. Solution

Please download the update program and update cellSens Ver1.7.1/1.8/1.9

5. Update program

This program updates and modifies cellSens Ver1.7.1/1.8/1.9 controlling DP80.

*Even after this update program was executed, it is not related to the version update for the cellSens that you are currently using.

6. Installation Procedure

Before installation


1. Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
*Download file name: "DriverUpdate64_DP80_5161.exe" (2.62MB)

2. Dialog [download file] will appear. Please save it to a folder in your PC which is used with DP80.

3. Double click the file which you saved in the procedure to boot up.

4. The update program will boot up. Following the instruction of this program, please continue to update.

5. About detail of update, please see here. *Read "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" before downloading.

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