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DP80 Firmware Updater

DP80 Firmware Updater

1. General

We found some bugs in DP80 usage.
At this time, we prepared the update program to fix bugs. Please kindly update firmware for DP80 by using this program.

*This update dose not affect cellSens. The version of cellSens dose not change by this update.

2. Object product

[Applicable DP80]
Please check the first 2 letters in serial number of DP80 camera head. You can see the serial number in the label of bottom of DP80 camera head.

The object DP80 have following first 2 letter in serial number.


3. Modifications

Modification to below bugs

  • When snapping 1360x1024 image in monochrome mode, brightness of bottom line of image become low
  • Ununiform brightness in upper side of image with binning setting.
  • The position of image shift to upper side when displaying ROI live image
  • The brightness of first frame of ROI instant movie is different from other frames.

Please check the applicable product in here.

4. Install procedure

1. Before update

This update program comes with an "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Prior to downloading the software, please read the "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you have agreed to this AGREEMENT.

2. Download procedure

  1. Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
    * Download file name:"DP80_FUv0102_64bit.exe"(3.66MB)
  2. When dialog [download file]will appear, click "Save" button. Please save it to a folder in your PC which is used with DP80.
  3. Double click on the file"DP80_FUv0102_64bit.exe" you saved in the procedure to boot up.
  4. The update program will boot up. Following the instruction of this program, please continue to update.
  5. About detail of update, please see here.

*Read "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" before downloading.

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