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DP71 firmware update

DP71 firmware update

1. General

We respectfully announce the following phenomenon noted only occasionally. While you use DP71, the digital camera for a microscope, an error message may appear and it may not function properly if you start ‘Live view’ with DP Controller, the control software.
We provide the update program for firmware to solve this problem.

This program for firmware modification updates your DP71 firmware.
* The version numbers of your DP Controller and DP Manager are not changed even after you update your firmware with this update program.

2. Product


Among all products above, the ones whose revision labels on their PCI I/F boards are any of ‘A0’, ‘A1’, or ‘A2’ fit a description.

3. How to know an object product

Please see the revision label on your PCI I/F board with referring to Fig.1.If the revision on your PCI I/F board is any of the ones in Fig.1, it is the object product.Otherwise, it does not fit a description.

*Three revision labels below are for explanation. Each PCI I/F board has only one label on it.

4. Phenomenon

If you start “Live view” with DP Controller, the error message (Fig.2) may appear and the function may not work properly.


5. Reason

This phenomenon is noted only occasionally when a terminal for CPU test on the PCI I/F board is affected by an electrical noise in the computer.
This problem will be solved by updating your firmware and disabling the terminal

6. Changes on the modification program

The problem is solved that an error was wrongly detected by a camera while the controlling camera software, DP Controller, was running.

7. Installation

1.Before installation
This modification program for firmware contains the end user license agreement. Read it first before downloading. By downloading, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

2.How to download the file

  1. Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
    * The executable file for firmware modification : ”DP71_FUe_v0102.exe”(1.1MB)
  2. When the dialog box [Download the file] appears, click the [Save] button and download it. Save it onto the computer where DP71 is installed.
  3. Double-click the executable file for firmware modification you save and start it.
  4. After the program starts, follow the on-screen instructions to update.
  5. See here for details on updating.

* Read the end user license agreement first before downloading.

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