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BX53 firmware

BX53 firmware

1. Important notice for this update

  • This update is for the firmware of BX53(U-CBM).
  • This update is effective when you are using Imaging software cellSens with BX53(U-CBM)
  • It is necessary to update your cellSens software to V1.9 or later.

2. Software Modifications

  • Main modifications of the updater_U-CBM_B0.zip
    • To improve compatibility to cellSens

3. Installation procedure

  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    • Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
      * Download file name: [updater_U-CBM_B0.zip] (2749KB)
      * Serial number is the alphanumeric characters indicated on your U-CBM condenser (See the figures below.). The number printed here is the serial number.

      Please input the serial number of U-CBM.
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