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DP72 firmware & software update (Ver.5174) (for Windows OS -32bit)

DP72 firmware & software update (Ver.5174) (for Windows OS -32bit)


We found some bugs in DP72 usage. At this time, we prepared the update program to fix bugs. Please kindly update firmware for DP72 by using this program.

*This update does not affect to cellSens. The version of software isn’t changed by this update.


Modification to below bugs

・Live image can’t be started with some PCs which are using Intel Xeon CPU.

Install procedure

・Before update

This update program comes with an "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Prior to downloading the software, please read the "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you have agreed to this AGREEMENT. 

・Download procedure

1.Click the [Download] button at the foot of this page
* Download file name:" DriverUpdate5174_32.zip"(2.7MB)

2.When dialog [download file] will appear, click "Save" button. Please save it to a folder in your PC which is used with DP72.

3.Double click on the saved file to boot up.

4.The update program will boot up. Following the instruction of this program, please continue to update.

5.About detail of update, please see here.


*An input form will be displayed.

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