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DP2-SAL Firmware updater (Ver.

DP2-SAL Firmware updater (Ver.


This is the updater program for DP2-SAL which is the stand alone control kit for the microscope cameras DP22-CU/DP27-CU.

Available for


Please confirm the serial number on the control box DP2-SAL’s side label. The revision beginning with “CB0” or “CB1” is subject to this updater.


This update is for the following changes.

[New function]

  • BX3M-CB and BX3M-CBFM linkage function is available.
  • Addition of the grayscale mode in the color mode.
  • Addition of the warning message for the reboot after the language/time-zone setting and the Ctrl+Alt+Insert operation.
  • Change of the shutdown message.

[Fixed bug]

  • In some case, DP2-SAL reboots at unusual operation (ex. continuous hits of button.)
  • We correct the unexpected auto-sleep after using the sleep function.

Install procedure

Before update

This update program comes with an "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Prior to downloading the software, please read the "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you have agreed to this AGREEMENT. 

Download procedure

1. Click the [Download] button at the top of this page
* Download file name:" DP2SAL030301198.zip "(6.56MB)

2. Please fill the input form to download the updater.
* The serial number is the 7-figure number printed on the bottom of the camera.

3. When dialog [download file] will appear, click "Save" button. Please save it to a folder in your USB memory device.
* Please make sure there is enough space over 40MB in the USB memory device.
* Please backup the USB memory before this update operation.
* Please make sure that there is no computer virus in the USB memory. Olympus is not liable for malfunctions of DP22/DP27 or defects and damages to your PC or network environments caused by the computer virus.

4. Please see here for the update procedure.
* Read "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" before downloading

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