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EPview Android Application V2.9.6

EPview Android Application V2.9.6

Intended use: EPview is for research use only.
EPview is solely intended for research and education purposes and not for any form of in vitro diagnostics or clinical use.
Olympus is a registered trademark and EPview is a trademark of Olympus Corporation.


This software is the installer of the EPview Android App. The following Android versions are supported:
Android 5.1 or later

Installation procedure

Before installation


Prior to downloading the software, please carefully read the OLYMPUS END-USER LICENCE AGREEMENT.

When you start downloading, you explicitly agree to this OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.


1. Click the [Download] button at the top of this page.
*Download file name: [EPview_[version].apk]

2. Wait till the file download is complete (enter a download target destination if required). 

* [version] denotes the current version number of the App. It changes as the App is being updated. Make sure to have the latest version installed. Installed version can be checked in the App by accessing the EPview App’s [ABOUT] dialog.

Installation procedure

1. Start the Android file manager App and access the storage folder location of the downloaded file (default: Internal Storage\Download) 

2. Tap on EPview App icon and select [INSTALL] from the given file options. 

3. Wait till installation is complete.

4. Select [DONE] from the given options to close the installation dialog (do not start the App)

5. Open the Android system [SETTINGS] and access the [APPS] settings section. Choose the EPview App from the [APPS] list. Tap on [PERMISSIONS] and allow [CAMERA], [LOCATION], and [STORAGE] access.

6. Exit the Android system settings and start the App.

** The required App permissions can also be set in the EPview App at first launch. However, on some Android devices the necessary [LOCATION] permission can only be set in the device’s Android system settings. Make sure to have all permissions set to ensure correct function of the App.

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