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BAT File to Enable or Disable Windows 11 Update

BAT File to Enable or Disable Windows 11 Update

The automatic update of Windows 11 can be enabled or disabled by using this BAT file.

About This BAT File

It is recommended to update the operating system (OS) to reduce the security risk when you connect the control unit with Windows 11 to the network. However, when the Microsoft Windows update for Windows 11 is enabled and updates the OS while using the FLUOVIEW™ FV4000 or FV4000MPE laser scanning microscope, the system may malfunction or stop operation due to changes in the control unit settings, increased load, or restart of the control unit. Therefore, Windows update is set to be disabled as the factory default. 

We recommend updating the OS using the procedure (A) or (B) described below.  Please manage and update the OS according to the IT policy of the facility where this system is installed.

Recommended Update Procedure

A. Keep the Windows update disabled and update manually on a regular basis.


B. Disable the Windows update before starting the cellSens FV system control software. Enable Windows update again after terminating cellSens FV software to keep enabling the automatic Windows update while the system is not in use. Please use this BAT file when following procedure B. 

Products to Be Applied

FLUOVIEW FV4000 / FV4000MPE system (cellSens FV version 3.1.1 or later, OS: Windows 11)

Download Procedure

1. Press the Download button at the top right of the page.

  • Download file name: Automatic_Update.zip
  • Serial number is on the back of the touch panel controller (TPC) of the FLUOVIEW microscope system.

Touch panel controllerBack of the touch panel controller
Front (left) and back (right) of the touch panel controller

Serial number for the BX63LF (alphanumeric string of 7 characters)
Serial number for BX63LF

2. When the “Download the file” dialog appears, press the Save button to download the file to a location on the PC, such as the desktop. 

3. The download file is compressed in a ZIP format. Please extract the file.
* To extract the compressed file, select the file on the explorer, right-click it to display the menu, and select Extract All.
* The structure of the file after extraction is as follows:


4. Copy the extracted files to somewhere in the control unit, such as the desktop.

Procedure to Execute the BAT File

Execute the BAT file according to the manual, "Automatic_Update_Manual_JPEN.pdf" in the zip file.

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