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Windows Core Parking setting program

Windows Core Parking setting program

This program is for setting the configuration of the Core Parking for Windows OS.


When using the control PC, there are some things to keep in mind when use cellSens.
Some of the CPU in control PC have E-cores. Additionally, there is a core parking function (a function that automatically park the CPU cores to save power) as an OS setting.
When using a control PC with a CPU equipped with an E-cores, if the core parking function is operating while cellSens system is in use, the necessary resources may become insufficient and cellSens may not operate properly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you run this core parking configuration change program and disabling E-cores to avoid running out of resources when using cellSens.

The core parking setting change program changes settings to reduce the number of parks the CPU cores.
Please follow the steps below to download and run the program.

Download procedure

  1. Click the [Download] button at the top right of the page.
    * Download file name 
  2. When the [File Download] dialog is displayed, click the [Save] button to download it to the desktop of the control PC. 
  3. The downloaded file is compressed in ZIP format, so unzip it.
    * You can decompress the compressed file by selecting the file on Explorer and right-clicking it and selecting "Extract All" from the menu that appears. 
    * The file structure after expansion is as follows. 
  4. Copy the extracted set of files to the control PC.

Program setting procedure

Please execute the program according to "CoreParking_Settings_Manual_JPEN.pdf" in the downloaded file.

Reference: How to disable E-Cores

Please refer to your PC's manual for instructions on how to disable E-cores.

*Example for HP Z2G9:

  1. Start the BIOS. Turn ON the controller and then press the [F10] key while the logo is displayed.
    (The logo may not be displayed depending on the timing of monitor recognition.)
    If you press the [F10] key too late and the OS starts up, reboot and try again.
  2. Click [Advanced] - [System Option] and uncheck [Active All Efficient-cores].
  3. Click [Main] – [Save Changes and Exit] and select [Yes] on the [Save Changes?] screen.

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