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Looking Deeper: Imaging and Analysis of Advanced 3D Cellular Models

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By recreating many of the cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions found in native tissues, spheroids and organoids provide more physiologically accurate models of disease and development than traditional 2D cultures. In addition to helping scientists gain deeper insights into complex biological processes, these 3D cellular models also form powerful tools for the development of novel diagnostics or therapeutics.

This 3-part e-book explores the latest applications of 3D cellular models and examines how leading-edge cell culture and 3D imaging equipment is enabling breakthroughs in everything from personalized medicine to modeling of tumor cell invasion.

Download this e-book to learn how:

  • Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines into organoids is driving advances in disease research and drug discovery
  • Patient-derived spheroids and organoids are used for compound profiling in the development of personalized medicines
  • Advanced image analysis software provides accurate measurements of cancer spheroid morphology, better assessment of drug efficacy, and precise quantification of the invasion of complex-shaped cancer spheroids

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