Advanced Optical Technologies
Whole Slide Scanning, Electrophysiology, and Luminescence Solutions
VS200 Research Slide Scanner

VS200 Research Slide Scanner

  • Outstanding image quality for quantification
  • Flexible for many applications
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Simplified and powerful workflow


BX61WI/BX51WI Electrophysiology Solutions

  • Supports a range of automated components and other accessories
  • Fully motorized or streamlined electrophysiology systems
  • Olympus water dipping objectives
  • IR-DIC options


BX61WI/BX51WI, Electrophysiology Solutions

LV200, Bioluminescence Imaging

LV200 Bioluminescence Imaging System

for Fluorescence-Free Quantification in Live Cells

  • Zero background
  • Superior quantification compared to fluorescence
  • Customized solutions available for microplate compatibility


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