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UCPLFLN20XPH Objective and IXplore

Save Time when Using Plastic-Bottomed Plates and Dishes 

Your experiment time is valuable, and every extra step in the process takes time away from your research goals. Designed for both fluorescence and phase imaging of tissue in plastic- bottomed dishes, the A Line UCPLFLN20XPH objective improves workflow. With its high numerical aperture (NA), images are bright and uniform across the objective's large field of view while the correction collar and long working distance optimize images through different cell culture vessels.


Improve Your Workflow

・Simplify the workflow for fluorescence observation
・Subcultures no longer required

Publication-Grade Images with Plastic-Bottomed Cell Culture Dishes

Bright fluorescence observation of histones in the nuclei (GFP–H2B) and phase contrast observation of nucleolus are possible with a high degree of detail.

placholder image
Fluorescence Image

LUCPLFLN20XPH (left) versus UCPLFLN20XPH (right)

placholder image
Phase Contrast Image

LUCPLFLN20XPH (left) versus UCPLFLN20XPH (right)

The objectives enable high-resolution observation of the cell proliferation process and deliver improved contrast across a wide area. 

placholder image
iPS-cell expressing Nanog reporter (GFP)

Left: Fluorescence/ Right: Phase contrast

Image data courtesy of: Tomonobu Watanabe, Ph.D., Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging, RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

UCPLFLN20XPH Objective Specifications

Working Distance
Magnification Objective Field Number* Numerical Aperture Immersion
UCPLFLN20XPH 0.8-1.8 20X 22 0.7 -

*Maximum field number observable through eyepiece.

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*Imagem da faixa: cortesia de Tomonobu Watanabe, Ph.D. Laboratório para Imagem Biológica Global, Centro de Biologia Quantitativa, RIKEN

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