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Butterfly Wing Scale MIC-D Digital Image Gallery

From a distance, butterfly wings are a beautiful sight to behold. Under a microscope, they are even more so. The Olympus MIC-D Digital Microscope is capable of capturing the fine details present in the delicate structures of these fragile, yet versatile structures. Utilizing a variety of specimen preparation techniques, the butterfly wing scale gallery contains digital images taken in brightfield, darkfield, and oblique illumination modes, as well as in reflected light. Each type of illumination results in a different image and, when examined together, they provide a more complete representation of the magnificence and complexity of some of nature’s most splendid creatures.

  • Autumn Leaf ButterflyAutumn Leaf
  • Banded King Shoemaker ButterflyBanded King
  • Black and White Helen ButterflyBlack & White Helen
  • Blue Morpho ButterflyBlue Morpho
  • Blue Triangle ButterflyBlue Triangle
  • Blue Wing ButterflyBlue Wing
  • Chinese Peacock ButterflyChinese Peacock
  • Clipper ButterflyClipper
  • Common Jay ButterflyCommon Jay
  • Common Morpho ButterflyCommon Morpho
  • Common Nawab ButterflyCommon Nawab
  • Cruiser ButterflyCruiser
  • Dead Leaf ButterflyDead Leaf
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ButterflyEastern Tiger
  • False Acraea ButterflyFalse Acraea
  • Four-Bar Swallowtail ButterflyFour-Bar
  • Glasswing ButterflyGlasswing
  • Great Orange Tip ButterflyGreat Orange Tip
  • Green Swallowtail ButterflyGreen Swallowtail
  • Lemon Yellow Giant Orange Tip ButterflyLemon Yellow Giant
  • Leopard Lacewing ButterflyLeopard Lacewing
  • Lilac Beauty ButterflyLilac Beauty
  • Longwing ButterflyLongwing
  • Lormier's Swallowtail ButterflyLormier's Swallowtail
  • Malachite ButterflyMalachite
  • Mocker Swallowtail ButterflyMocker Swallowtail
  • Monarch ButterflyMonarch
  • Orchard Swallowtail ButterflyOrchard Swallowtail
  • Painted Jezebel ButterflyPainted Jezebel
  • Palla ussheri ButterflyPalla ussheri
  • Pipevine Swallowtail ButterflyPipevine Swallowtail
  • Polydamas Swallowtail ButterflyPolydamas Swallowtail
  • Red Panacea ButterflyRed Panacea
  • Redspot Sawtooth ButterflyRedspot Sawtooth
  • Rusty-Tipped Page ButterflyRusty-Tipped Page
  • Shoemaker ButterflyShoemaker
  • Silverspot ButterflySilverspot
  • Small Apollo ButterflySmall Apollo
  • Spicebush Swallowtail ButterflySpicebush Swallowtail
  • Stinky Leaf Wing ButterflyStinky Leaf Wing
  • Tailed Jay ButterflyTailed Jay
  • Tawny Owl ButterflyTawny Owl
  • Tiger Mimic ButterflyTiger Mimic
  • Tropical LeafwingTropical Leafwing
  • Variable Eggfly ButterflyVariable Eggfly
  • Viceroy ButterflyViceroy
  • Western Blue ButterflyWestern Blue
  • White Barred Charaxes ButterflyWhite Barred Charaxes
  • White Lady Swallowtail ButterflyWhite Lady
  • Zebra Swallowtail ButterflyZebra Swallowtail

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