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Integrated Circuit MIC-D Digital Image Gallery

The intricate details found on the surface of integrated circuits offer a unique glimpse into the miniature world of modern electronics. In reflected light mode, the MIC-D digital microscope is a useful tool for examining these devices, whether encapsulated in a package or in the form of a flat, raw wafer. Highlight regions containing busses and registers can be enhanced through the application of filter gels over the illuminator front lens element to produce highly colored digital images. The integrated circuit gallery contains images of common microprocessors, memory chips, math co-processors, as well as common network and logic circuits.

  • Advanced Micro Devices 486DX2 MicroprocessorAMD 486DX2
  • Advanced Micro Devices 486DX4 MicroprocessorAMD 486DX4
  • Advanced Micro Devices Logic Integrated CircuitAMD Logic Circuit
  • Binary Countdown Integrated CircuitBinary Circuit
  • Cyrix 6x86 MicroprocessorCyrix 6x86
  • Digital Signal ProcessorDigital Processor
  • Dual-Ported RAM ControllerDual-Ported RAM
  • IBM 386SLC MicroprocessorIBM 386SLC
  • Intel 386 MicroprocessorIntel 386
  • Intel 387 Math CoprocessorIntel 387
  • Intel 486DX MicroprocessorIntel 486DX
  • Intel 486DX2 MicroprocessorIntel 486DX2
  • Intel 486DX4 MicroprocessorIntel 486DX4
  • Intel 486SX MicroprocessorIntel 486SX
  • Intel 487SX Math CoprocessorIntel 487SX
  • Intel 8087 Math CoprocessorIntel 8087
  • Intel 8088 MicroprocessorIntel 8088
  • Intel i960 Embedded MicroprocessorIntel i960
  • Intel Core Logic Integrated CircuitIntel Logic Circuit
  • Intel Eraseable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM)Intel (EPROM)
  • MIPS R3000 MicroprocessorMIPS R3000
  • MIPS R4000 MicroprocessorMIPS R4000
  • NEC V20 MicroprocessorNEC V20
  • Pentium ProcessorPentium
  • Pentium II MicroprocessorPentium II
  • Pentium III MicroprocessorPentium III
  • Picture-In-Picture Integrated CircuitPIP Circuit
  • PowerPC 601 MicroprocessorPowerPC 601
  • PowerPC 602 MicroprocessorPowerPC 602
  • Radio Frequency Integrated CircuitRadio Freq. Circuit
  • Read-Only Memory (ROM) Integrated CircuitRead-Only Memory
  • Schottky Logic Integrated CircuitSchottky Circuit
  • Sun UltraSPARC MicroprocessorSun UltraSPARC
  • Texas Instruments 486 MicroprocessorTI 486
  • Texas Instruments 486DX MicroprocessorTI 486DX
  • Texas Instruments 486DX4 MicroprocessorTI 486DX4
  • Texas Instruments 486SLX MicroprocessorTI 486SLX
  • Weitek 91460 Graphics ProcessorWeitek 91460
  • Weitek Math CoprocessorWeitek Coprocessor
  • Weitek P9000 Video Graphics ProcessorWeitek P9000

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