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Brightfield Microscopy Digital Image Gallery

Brightfield illumination has been one of the most widely used observation modes in optical microscopy for the past 300 years. The technique is best suited for utilization with fixed, stained specimens or other kinds of samples that naturally absorb significant amounts of visible light. Images produced with brightfield illumination appear dark and/or highly colored against a bright, often light gray or white, background. This digital image gallery explores a variety of stained specimens captured with an Olympus BX51 microscope coupled to a 12-bit QImaging Retiga camera system and a three-color liquid crystal tunable filter.

  • TitleAmphibian Skin
  • TitleBacteria
  • TitleBald Scalp
  • TitleBracken Fern
  • TitleCerebrum
  • TitleLycopodium
  • TitleDuctus Deferens
  • TitleEpididymis
  • TitleFern Spores
  • TitleFrog Epithelium
  • TitleFrog Muscle Tissue
  • TitlePigmented Skin
  • TitleHemlock Leaf
  • TitleHorsetail Strobilus
  • TitleCerebral Cortex
  • TitleImmature Testes
  • TitleKeloid Scar Tissue
  • TitleCardiac Muscle
  • TitleCerebellum
  • TitleHyaline Cartilage
  • TitleGraafian Follicle
  • TitleMammalian Kidney
  • TitleSmooth Muscle
  • TitleMammalian Testes
  • TitleMarchantia Liverwort
  • TitleOleander Leaf
  • TitleOptic Nerve
  • TitlePalmar Skin
  • TitlePine Needle
  • TitlePine Stem
  • TitlePlantar Skin
  • TitleProstate Gland Old
  • TitleProstate Gland Young
  • TitleColumnar Epithelium
  • TitleSalamander Liver
  • TitleColumnar Epithelium
  • TitleThyroid Gland
  • TitleZamia Stem

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