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Microscopy Journals and Other Publications


  • Journal of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA & MAS) - The JMSA is the official publication of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) and the Microbeam Analysis Society (MAS). The online version features instructions to authors, indices of previous issues, annual proceedings, and information about the editors.
  • Lightscape Magazine - Microscopy and Science like you've never seen it before! This entertaining magazine covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from macro photography of nature's wonders to the infinitesimal microscopic world.
  • Micro-Light Magazine - Specifically designed for the younger person. Micro-Light, under the editorial direction of Marly Cain-Fryman, educates, illuminates, and makes it all fun to do. New issues are posted quarterly.
  • Microscopy and Analysis - This journal is the premier international publication for all who work with the instrumentation, techniques and applications of microscopy, chemical analysis and imaging to further our understanding of the biomedical and materials sciences. The publication has 53,000 subscribers and many more readers worldwide.
  • Micscape: Exploring the Miniature World - An excellent amateur microscopy on-line magazine produced by the ever-prolific Microscopy-UK webmasters and devoted to discovery in the fields of microscopy and macroscopy. The magazine features a free registration for email notices when new issues appear, and accepts contributions from readers and others interested in optical microscopy.
  • Scanning: The Journal of Scanning Microscopies - SCANNING provides an international and interdisciplinary medium for the rapid exchange of information among all scientists interested in scanning electron, scanning probe, and scanning optical microscopy. Areas of specific interest include all aspects of the instrumentation associated with scanning microscopy; correlative microscopy techniques; stereometry; stereology; analytic techniques and novel applications of the microscope. The online magazine includes announcements, contents of past issues, subscription information, and instructions for authors.
  • Solutions! The Digital Microscopy Internet Magazine - This netazine covers a variety of topics in video microscopy and image analysis. Informative and timely articles keep interested visitors current on state-of-the-art techniques in digital microscopy. The Web site also features a section on books, educational articles, tech tips, and references.

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