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Fluorescence Microscopy Digital Image Gallery

Specimens featured in the fluorescence digital image gallery are derived from a combination of stained thin sections, whole mounts, suspensions, smears, and several additional mounting techniques. Stained tissue culture cells and thin sections were labeled with either fluorescent dyes or common histology stains such as eosin, fast green, and safranin. Fluorescence microscopy and photomicrography was conducted by Charles D. Howard. Background research for the figure captions was provided by Elise Sessions. Kathleen Carr supervised the authoring and assembly of text for each of the gallery entries.

  • TitleAlfalfa Root
  • TitleAmerican Dog Tick
  • TitleAnts
  • TitleAntelope Hair
  • TitleBasswood Stem
  • TitleBed Bugs
  • TitleBird Lungs
  • TitleBird Skin
  • TitleBlack Grape Rot
  • TitleCactus
  • TitleCorn Grain
  • TitleCorn Smut
  • TitleDutchman's Pipe
  • TitleElderberry
  • TitleFava Bean Root Tip
  • TitleFemale Pine Cones
  • TitleFern Spores
  • TitleFish Gill Filaments
  • TitleFleas
  • TitleGuinea Pig Hair
  • TitleHead Lice
  • TitleHoney Bee Leg
  • TitleHoney Bee Stinger
  • TitleHouse Fly Face
  • TitleHuman Flea
  • TitleHyaline Cartilage
  • TitleHuman Roundworm
  • TitleHuman Scalp
  • TitleHuman Spinal Cord
  • TitlePony Belly Hair
  • TitleKapok Fiber
  • TitleLeeches
  • TitleLily Flower Bud
  • TitleLone Star Tick
  • TitleCompact Bones
  • TitleSpongy Bone
  • TitleMilkweed Fibers
  • TitleMites
  • TitleMoss Tissue
  • TitleMouse Intestines
  • TitleMouse Kidney
  • TitleMycorrhizal Fungi
  • TitleObelia Hydroid
  • TitleOleander Leaf
  • TitleBrown Rot of Peach
  • TitlePeach Leaf Curl
  • TitlePine Root
  • TitlePine Tree Pollen
  • TitlePine Wood
  • TitlePrivet Leaf
  • TitleRaw Meat
  • TitleRhizopus Rot
  • TitleSnail Radula
  • TitleSweet Flag Grass
  • TitleTilia
  • TitleTrichina Worm
  • TitleWheat
  • TitleWheat Kernel
  • TitleWheat Rust Pustule

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