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Olympus Net Image Server SQL

Virtual Slide Microscopy

The Net Image Server (NIS) SQL for the Olympus VS120 system is a versatile image access and storage solution for digital virtual microscopy. This client-server-based data management system ensures that even with large amounts of data and multiple users, workflows run efficiently with outstanding data security. Since storage and traceability of images, reports and analytical results is vital, the NIS SQL platform incorporates a clear, easy-to-manage structure. It ensures the efficient and safe communication of images and data via an independent web browser, or the free OlyVIA viewer software. In addition, data remains on the system, while only the required image is downloaded to the client computer, ensuring smooth data access is maintained, even when vast numbers of users are online. Scanned images can also be automatically uploaded to the database, making them readily available for immediate remote access and multiple keyword queries. Providing a safe and secure means of image sharing and discussion, the system incorporates access codes, where users must enter a password to gain access. Different access levels ensure that changes can only be made by authorized personnel. The NIS SQL can be set-up to interface directly and exchange information with existing LIMS and HIS. As a result, existing data, such as slide properties and related information, is available at every VS120 workstation.

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