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11 October, 2021

2nd Olympus Discovery Summit Connects Microscopists to Advance Research and Imaging

WALTHAM, Mass., (October 11, 2021)— The second Olympus Discovery Summit—a free two-day event—will take place on October 26–27, 2021. Centered on the theme Advance Your Imaging, microscopists can connect with their peers during two full days of virtual presentations to discuss how they are using imaging techniques to advance their research.

Using Microscopy Imaging to Advance Research

After a successful first summit in April 2021 that concentrated on moving forward in a post-pandemic world, the second Olympus Discovery Summit will focus on how microscopy imaging can advance research. Presentation topics include the use of complementary imaging technologies to understand the immune system, deconvolution techniques to improve image quality, 3D imaging, how AI is helping researchers analyze large amounts of microscopy image data and more.

Agenda Preview

Sessions will be presented by leading microscopists and Olympus experts. The session topics offer a glimpse of the advanced imaging techniques that will be discussed:

October 26

  • “The Use of Multiplexing in Microscopy for Better Understanding the Skin Immune System in the Context of the Tissue,” by Alfonso J. Schmidt, Senior Staff Scientist, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
  • “Recent Advances in 3D Imaging and AI-Driven Data Analysis,” by Seungil Kim, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine at the University of Southern California
  • “Accelerating Image Analysis with TruAI™ Deep Learning Technology,” by Manoel Veiga, Ph.D., Application Specialist, Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions
  • “Deconvolution of 3D Image Stacks,” by Heiko Gaethje, Senior Trainer, Training Academy, Olympus

October 27

  • “Confocal Microscopy and Its Use for a Spaceflight Experiment,” by RJC (Bob) McLean, Ph.D., Regents’ Professor, Texas State University
  • “Evolution of Scientific Digital Imaging Technologies and Its Applications,” by Guo Lin, Ph.D., Manager, Product Applications, Olympus Singapore
  • “Hyperspectral and Brightfield Imaging Combined with Deep Learning Uncovers Hidden Regularities of Colors and Patterns in Cells and Tissues,” by Dr. Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Nanoscale Biophotonics
  • “Deep Learning Approaches to Automating Phenotypic Profiling,” by Jesse Chao, Ph.D., Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute
  • “In-Vivo Tracking of Harmonic Nanoparticles by Means of a TIGER Widefield Microscope,” by Dr. Laura Vittadello, Department of Physics and Center of Cellular Nanoanalytics, Osnabruck University

Registration for this free event is required; please visit www.olympusdiscoverysummit.com.

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