The new Olympus IX3-ZDC2 motorized Z drift compensator and cellSens version 1.14 software enhance live cell imaging workflow and analysis
Olympus announces the new IX3-ZDC2 Z drift compensator and updated cellSens version 1.14 software. These new products enhance the already diverse customization options for Olympus’ advanced inverted research microscopes and provide important tools for conducting live cell research.
Enhance Workflow Productivity with the Olympus Cell Counter model R1: Automatic Cell Counting in 15 Seconds
Olympus has unveiled the Cell Counter model R1, engineered with leading-edge technology that offers user-friendly and cost-effective cell counting for routine cell culturing in a portable design.
A novel super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technology- Ultra-fast imaging of the ultrastructure of living cells is providing new insights into biological phenomena -
In a collaborative project with RIKEN (Quantitative Biology Center, Japan), Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa), through its Scientific Solutions Business, has developed a new super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technology that allows observation of the ultrastructure of living cells with a significant reduction in image acquisition time.
Olympus CX23 Microscope Offers Ruggedness, Dependability, Optical Excellence for Education, Training, Laboratory Use
Olympus has announced the release of the CX23 microscope, designed to provide high-quality optical performance and stress-free, dependable operation in laboratory, classroom and training facilities worldwide.
Olympus FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS Multiphoton Microscope Series Adds Two New Configurations for Imaging Deep, Rapidly Changing Biological Specimens
Olympus has announced the release of two new configurations in its FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS multiphoton laser scanning microscope series -- a Gantry microscope system and an inverted microscope system.
Two New Microscope Digital Cameras Featuring Higher Frame Rate for Live Images and Useful New Observation Mode
Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced the release by its Scientific Solutions Business of the new DP27 and DP22 microscope digital cameras, with international sales to commence progressively from October 1, 2014.
Development of Super Resolution Technology FV-OSR for realizing Microscope Resolution up to 120 nm (approx.)
Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced the development of FV-OSR*1, a new super resolution technology from its Scientific Solutions Business, This unique technology is used in conjunction with the FLUOVIEW FV1200 biological confocal laser scanning microscope to enable observation of smaller features than is possible using the microscope on its own. *1 Olympus Super Resolution

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