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OEM Microscope Components for Integration

The performance of your microscope optics directly affects the final quality of your products. Our OEM components seamlessly integrate into large systems to provide the exceptional optical quality you need to deliver a high-quality final product. An extensive range of OEM components gives you the flexibility to find the most appropriate parts for your application, while strict quality control means you can expect only the highest standards and performance.

With more than 100 years of optical-mechanical, electronic, digital, and precision technology experience, we work closely with engineers and equipment designers to assist them in selecting from a broad range of off-the-shelf optics and OEM components, helping reduce product development time. Our dedicated support team meets today’s most demanding technical and logistical OEM component needs.

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OEM Microscope Components for Integration

Equipment Integration Solutions

We provide optical and mechanical data to assist in the integration of Olympus components into final product designs. Custom objective lenses and optical assemblies are available when design requirements extend beyond off-the-shelf components.


We offer infinity-corrected objective lenses for a variety of optical-mechanical systems. Specialties include visible and near-IR wavelengths, long working distances, immersion, coverslip correction, and white light interferometry lenses.

Optical Microscope Frames

By integrating Olympus microscope frames into their product instead of designing optical systems themselves, equipment designers save substantial engineering and development costs. Options include upright and inverted frames and stereo microscopes.

Tube Lens Units

Five tube lens units are available for a variety of applications. For detailed specifications, please visit our website to see the datasheets and mounting options for each unit. 

Optical Microscope Modules

Modular designs for all microscope systems, making it easy for equipment designers to select the components and objective lenses that best meet their system requirements—optically, mechanically, and electronically.

Modular Microscope Assemblies

When a microscope is too big to work into a larger system, Olympus manual and motorized subassemblies allow direct system integration. Motorized subassemblies offer nosepiece focus, illumination control, magnification selection, and laser autofocus.

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Evident supports you from design to commercial production.


Microscope Components and their Functions FAQs

What are the components of a microscope and their functions?

While each microscope will have individual components depending on the model, level, and application, there are a number of parts you can expect to find in any microscope. These include:


  • Eyepiece lens
    Also called an “ocular lens,” the eyepiece lens is simply the lens you look through, located at the top of the microscope.
  • Objective lens
    The objective lens is made up of a much more complex set of lenses, and it is the optical element that is located closest to the sample. By gathering light from the sample, the objective lens is the microscope component that produces the image you see through the eyepiece.
  • Stage
    The stage is the component on which your slides and samples are placed.
  • Illuminator
    The illuminator refers to that part of your microscope where the light source attaches. The light source shines through it down the objective to the sample. Often, microscopes will have their own built-in light source, though mirrors reflecting an external light source can also be used in place of a built-in light.
  • Condenser
    The condenser is the microscope component that focuses the light shining up through the specimen on the stage, allowing sharper images at higher magnifications.

Because Olympus' microscopes are modular, each of these microscope parts can be integrated separately into your product for maximum flexibility.

Are standard and custom items available for OEM?

Yes. Standard items are typically stocked and ready to ship for small quantities. Larger quantities are subject to a 30–45 day lead time if communicated in advanced. Custom items are a case-by-case basis, and the complexity of the item is a large factor—however, we make our best effort to accommodate every customer.

Does Evident offer support to engineers and mechanical designers?

Yes, our optical engineers and designers are here to support OEM optical, mechanical, and electrical questions. Part of being an OEM is working in collaboration with our customers, and we are able to support simple technical specification requests up to more advanced optical ray trace analysis.

Does Evident have regulatory and compliance documentation readily available?

Evident is ISO certified and complies with most of the standard RoHS, REACH, and CMRT regulations. Please request documentation as needed, and our team will prepare this for you.

How are development plans protected?

If detailed information needs to be disclosed, we can execute an NDA and communicate freely on specifications, designs, and optical recommendations.

OEM Components Resources

Microscope Components Guide Brochure

This downloadable brochure takes a closer look at microscope components for advanced optical instruments, walking you through Olympus OEM components solutions.

List of Confirmed RoHS Products

This downloadable reports lists RoHS-compliant Olympus microscope components.

Download the list of confirmed RoHS products

Download (PDF, 12 MB)


Objective Finder

Use our objective finder to select your application requirements, compare objectives, and determine which objective best suits your application.

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Download 3D CAD Data

We provide 3D CAD data for various components to help you check the layout of your device with our components mounted. Click one of the links below, fill out a short form, and download the CAD file.


Revolving Nosepieces

Tube Lens Units

Motorized Units

Microscope Frames

Illumination/Light Source Units

Other OEM Components

Objective Finder

Download 3D CAD Data

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