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Objectives Series

Apochromat Objectives for Super Resolution/TIRF Imaging


  • High NA to create an evanescent wave field for high contrast TIRF images or super resolution
  • HR series are the world first* Plan Apochromat objectives with NA1.5 which achieve wide flatness

* As of November 2018. According to Olympus research.

Semi-Apochromat Objectives for Relief Contrast


  • Provides long working distance, universal objectives for Relief Contrast observations
  • Displays flat images from high transmission factors up to the near-infrared region of the spectrum
  • Designed for the observation of living cells, including oocytes,in plastic vessels
Acromat Objectives for Relief Contrast


  • Ensures superb field flatness with Relief Contrast observation in transmitted light
  • Designed for the observation of living cells, including oocytes, in plastic vessels

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