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Alpha 3 Facility Edition

Automated Light Sheet System for Imaging Facilities

The Alpha3 Facility Edition by PhaseView is a sophisticated light sheet microscope designed for core facilities. It combines optimal image quality, an intuitive user experience, and the flexibility for scientific imaging instruments. As a fully automated system, the Alpha3 Facility Edition automatically configures the microscope when changing the magnification so you can focus on imaging. The Alpha3 Facility Edition comes with the intuitive QTSPIM software for image acquisition at maximum speed and the LINDA 3D viewer to ease sample exploration.

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Key Benefits of the Alpha3 Facility Edition

  • The objective magnification without further adjustments from fast screening to high-resolution image acquisition
  • Patented technologies provide optimal image quality: ultra-thin light sheet with a constant thickness across the field of view, maximum light coverage, uniform intensity, homogeneous point spread functions (PSFs), artifact-free imaging, and autofocus
  • Corrosion-resistant sample holders for imaging flexibility from in vivo live imaging of cell cultures to whole cleared tissues (fixed or live multi-sample imaging)
  • Sample scanning range up to 25 mm × 50 mm × 15 mm (W × L × H)
  • Intuitive user experience with guided steps and interactive 3D visualization and volume settings

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Key Benefits of Alpha3
Key Benefits of Alpha3

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