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DP23M cellSens V3.2 Service Update

DP23M cellSens V3.2 Service Update

This software is the installer that enables DP23M to be controlled by the imaging software “cellSens V3.2“.

Installation procedure

1 Before installation

  • Exit out of cellSens running before you update the software.
  • If service update is launched during running cellSens, the following note is shown.

2 Download

  1. Click the [Download] button at the top of this page.
    *Download file name: DP23M_DP23_DP28_SC180_3255.1_64.exe (approximately 100  MB)
  2. When an entry form appears, enter all required fields.
    *Serial number for DP23M is shown on bottom of DP23M.


  3. Save DP23M_DP23_DP28_SC180_3255.1_64.exe in any folder.

3 Software installation

  1. Double-Click the DP23M_DP23_DP28_SC180_3255.1_64.exe  file.

  2. Select [Yes] when the [User Account Control] dialog box is shown.

  3. InstallShield Wizard is shown and setup program of this software will start.

  4. [Select Installation] will appear. If you need to change the location, click the [Browse...] 
    button and select the desired folder. Click the “Next” button.
    After that, the installation will start.

  5. When installation is successful, click the “Finish” button.


4 How to confirm if this software is enabled

  1. Run cellSens V3.2
  2. Click “Options“ button is in “Start Page“, Options window is shown.
    Select “Update“ is in “Environment“ tab.
    After that, click “Show currently installed service updates“ .

  3. Select “Srvice Updates“ is in “Device“ tab after showing “System information“.
    “DP23M_DP23_DP28_SC180_3255.1_64(3255)” is shown in Item column when this software is installed.

    “DP23M_DP23_DP28_SC180_3255.1_64(3255)” isn’t shown in Item column when this software isn’t installed.


5 How to set to control DP23M with cellSens V3.2

  1. Connect DP23M to PC
  2. Run cellSens V3.2
  3. Click “Device List“ button is in “Start Page“, Device List window is shown.
  4. Select “Camera“ tab. Select “DP23M“ from drop-down list.
  5. Click “OK” buttom. 


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