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scanR V3.2 (Build 04066) Installer

scanR V3.2 (Build 04066) Installer

1. Modifications

  • This Update has the following new functions:
    • new TruAI functionality: The scanR AI module has been extended significantly. It is now possible to train for different classes / gates. Trained neural network models are able to detect and classify in one step. Sub objects can be used for training as well. Objects can be ignored during the training. More relevant validation metrics are available during training.
    • Continue scanAI training: Any TruAI training can be continued conveniently if results of a first training phase are not sufficient.
    • z-layer browser: The main UI features a new z-layer control which enables easy browsing through z-stacks for any position.
    • 16 bit Analysis: Analysis now supports image processing and measurements with full 16 bit precision. Existing assays with 12 bit precision can be converted to 16 bit.
    • Improved confocal functionality: It is possible to integrate the Olympus CSU magnification changer in any experiment. Furthermore, transmission channels can be combined with confocal channels now.
    • Support of new cameras: Support of Hamamatsu Orca Fusion and Fusion BT.
    • Support of new objective lenses: Support of new X-Line objective lenses and other lenses: UPLXAPO4X, UPLXAPO10X, UPLSAPO20xO, UPLXAPO20X, UPLXAPO40X, UPLXAPO40XO, PLAPON60XO, UPLXAPO60XO, UPLXAPO60XOPH, UPLSAPO100XO, UPLXAPO100XO, UPLXAPO100XOPH, UPLFLN100XO2, UCPLFLN20XPH, UPLSAPO40XS.

2. General

This installer contains the scanR software, including scanR Acquisition, scanR Analysis, scanR Desktop, and all scanR modules. A valid license is required to use the software. The type of the license determines which software modules are activated.

3. Installation Procedure

3.1. Before installation

This software comes with an "END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ". Prior to downloading the software, please read the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for sure. When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you agreed to this AGREEMENT.

3.2. System Requirements

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7/10, 64bit
(OS other than the above are not supported.)
CPU: Intel Pentium4 1.3GHz minimum (recommended 2GHz or larger )
Memory: 4 GB minimum (recommended 8GB or larger)
Available space in hard disk : 5GB
Display monitor: min. 1280x1024 pixel resolution with 32bit true colors
Input devices: 2 button mouse (scroll wheel recommended), keyboard
Windows Automatic Updates and any Virus Protection program has to be disabled.

4. Download

Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
* Download file name: [OLY-SCR-04066.zip ] (279.7 MB)

5. Installation procedure

(1) Download the file and double click the downloaded file in order to unzip the file.
(2) Double click the scanR_Setup_3.2.0_(r4066).exe in the unzipped file. This starts the installer.
(3) After reading the OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, follow the instructions on the screen.

* Please refer to the installation manual for installation details. The installation manual is stored below the extracted folder 
* You cannot install the software unless the user account is registered as "System Administrator". 
If your account is registered as "Limited account", please ask "System Administrator" to change. (For user account registration, please refer to the user manual of your computer.)

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