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Mortimer Abramowitz Gallery of Photomicrography

Mortimer Abramowitz, a renowned microscopist and photomicrographer, received the New York Microscopical Society (NYMS) Ernst Abbe Memorial Award in 2002. Prior to becoming a consultant with Olympus America, microscopy was a hobby for Mr. Abramowitz. For many years, he held various positions in the New York City public schools as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and acting superintendent. Between 1968 and 1982, he served as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and then Superintendent in Great Neck, New York.

Mort, as we was affectionately known by his friends, was simultaneously an active member of the New York Microscopical Society, becoming a Fellow in 1970. Microscopy eventually became his career when he joined Olympus in 1982. During his 25 years with Olympus, Mort penned numerous articles and books on microscopy and received several awards, both for his contributions to the field and for his stunning photomicrographs, some of which are shown below. Mort passed away in 2007 at age 90, but his images and books continue to teach thousands of aspiring microscopists across the globe.

  • TitleAcetanilide Crystallites
  • TitleAgue Tree
  • TitleAmphibian Lung
  • TitleArteriole Stained
  • TitleAugite Section
  • TitleAugite in Basalt
  • TitleBlowfly Mouth Parts
  • TitleBolting Cloth
  • TitleNeuron Culture
  • TitleButternut Tree Section
  • TitleCast Iron Grain
  • TitleCat Cryptococcus
  • TitleComputer Chip
  • TitleDaphnia Egg Case
  • TitleDDT Pesticide
  • TitleDigestive Tissue Cells
  • TitleDogfish Scales
  • TitleDogwood Section
  • TitleDuctile Cast Iron
  • TitleEphedrine Sulfate
  • TitleEpidermis
  • TitleFeline Spinal Cord
  • TitleFern Stalk Section
  • TitleFern Stalk Longitudinal
  • TitleFerrosilicon Alloy
  • TitleFetal Mouse Tissue
  • TitleFibroblast Nuclei
  • TitleForaminifera Plankton
  • TitleGranophyre Section
  • TitleGraphite Particles
  • TitleGray Cast Iron
  • TitleHair Shaft Section
  • TitleHippuric Acid
  • TitleHuman Bone
  • TitleHuman Intestine
  • TitleSkin Capillaries
  • TitleInsect Antennae
  • TitleJellyfish Mantle Edge
  • TitleKidney Stained Tissue
  • TitleLeaf Scale
  • TitleLeaf Stomates Cells
  • TitleLung Tissue
  • TitleLung Tissue with Movat
  • TitleCarbon Steel
  • TitleMouse Fibroblast
  • TitleMouse Fibroblast
  • TitleMouse Fibroblast
  • TitleOxalic Acid
  • TitlePlant Stem
  • TitlePotassium Chlorate
  • TitleRedwood Tree
  • TitleResorcinol Crystallites
  • TitleSea Urchin Spine
  • TitleSkin Sebaceous Gland
  • TitleSkin Hair Follicle
  • TitleSkin Hair Shaft
  • TitleSponge Spicule
  • TitleStriated Muscle
  • TitleSycamore Tree
  • TitleThyroid Gland
  • TitleTitanium Oxide
  • TitleTongue Stained
  • TitleUrea Crystallites
  • TitleVitamin B-6
  • TitleVitamin C
  • TitleWater Flea
  • TitleWater Lily Leaf
  • TitleWestern Larch
  • TitleWhelk Palate
  • TitleWood Section

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