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DP25 modification program for Sleep Mode of Windows XP SP3

DP25 modification program for Sleep Mode of Windows XP SP3

1. General

WindowsXP SP3 modification program for the DP25
Some models of the DP25 do not support WindowsXP SP3(When using DP25 (illustration 1.) with WindowsXP Professional (32bit) SP3, this modification program is required.). If you want to use such DP25 with WindowsXP, you must downgrade your IEEE1394 device driver to an older version. This modification program will change the IEEE1394 device driver updated by WindowsXP SP3 to an older version.

illustration 1
illustration 1

If you change the IEEE1394 device driver using this modification program, some unexpected faults may occur; for example, other IEEE1394 devices may not function normally. It is therefore strongly recommended that, after downgrading the IEEE1394 device driver, you avoid using any other IEEE1394 devices with that PC.

2. Installation procedure

  1. Before installation
    Before downloading this modification program, read the Program Copyright Notice and License Agreement. By downloading this modification program, you are indicating your consent to these terms.
  2. Download
    (1) Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
    * Name of the file to download: [DP25RBv12_e.zip] (3,083KB)
    (2) When the [File Download] dialog box is displayed, click the [Save] button to download the file to the Desktop or other folder of the PC you selected to use with your DP25.
    (3) Unzip the saved "DP25RBv12_e.zip" file on the Desktop.
    (4) You will find the procedure to apply this modification program file, "DP25IEEE1394RollBackManual_e.pdf," in the unzipped folder, "DP25IEEE1394RollBack_e." Follow the procedure given in the pdf file and change your IEEE1394 device driver.
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