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scanR V3.3 (Build 04137) Installer

scanR V3.3 (Build 04137) Installer

1. Modifications

  • This Update has the following new functions:
    • new objective lenses supported: A number of new objective lenses have been added
    • Pretrained Neural Networks for Nuclei and Cell Detection: Pre-trained neural networks are delivered with the software which allow out-of-the-box segmentation and separation of nuclei or cells without any further user training. These neural networks are trained in a very broad way and will work well on many different imaging conditions. They are optimized for fluorescence images. For standard cases the resulting nuclei or cell detection can be used directly for the analysis and for more challenging cases they provide a good starting point for application specific further training.
    • Instance Segmentation: Deep Learning Training and Inference have been extended by instance segmentation capabilities. This means the neural network learns not only the semantic segmentation (foreground and background) and classification but also separation of individual objects. This function can be activated for each individual class as required.
    • Analysis Vizualization Mode: A new license type "Analysis Visualization" is available. With this license, any existing analysis (.sca file) can be displayed and explored. It is even possible to adjust the gating and hence adapt the analysis.
    • Define Well Plate Assistant: New well plate types are now more easily added to the system by a Define Well Plate Assistant. It guides the users through the relevant steps of well plate definition, including selection of the well pattern, A1 calibration, and focus calibration. The flexibility of the established manual definition mask is kept for experienced users and special cases.

2. General

This installer contains the scanR software, including scanR Acquisition, scanR Analysis, scanR Analysis Vizualization, scanR Desktop, and all scanR modules. A valid license is required to use the software. The type of the license determines which software modules are activated.

3. Installation Procedure

3.1. Before installation

This software comes with an "END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ". Prior to downloading the software, please read the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for sure. When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you agreed to this AGREEMENT.

3.2. System Requirements

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 10, 64bit
(OS other than the above are not supported.)
CPU: Intel Pentium4 1.3GHz minimum (recommended 2GHz or larger )
Memory: 4 GB minimum (recommended 8GB or larger)
Available space in hard disk : 5GB
Display monitor: min. 1280x1024 pixel resolution with 32bit true colors
Input devices: 2 button mouse (scroll wheel recommended), keyboard
Windows Automatic Updates and any Virus Protection program has to be disabled.

4. Download

Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
* Download file name: [OLY-SCR-04137.zip ] (279.7 MB)

5. Installation procedure

(1) Download the file and double click the downloaded file in order to unzip the file.
(2) Double click the scanR_Setup_3.3.0_(r4137).exe in the unzipped file. This starts the installer.
(3) After reading the OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, follow the instructions on the screen.

* Please refer to the installation manual for installation details. The installation manual is stored below the extracted folder
* You cannot install the software unless the user account is registered as "System Administrator".
If your account is registered as "Limited account", please ask "System Administrator" to change. (For user account registration, please refer to the user manual of your computer.)

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