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Service Update (VS200 ASW V3.4.1)

Service Update (VS200 ASW V3.4.1)

This service update is the software to solve issues with VS200 ASW 3.4.1
Clicking the following link displays the page where you can search and download the available service update.
Please follow the instructions in the displayed page to start operation.

Installation Procedures for VS200 ASW V3.4.1 Service Update


  • Distribution of this service update is restricted to users of VS200 ASW V3.4.1.
  • The operation in combination with systems other than the ones named above is not supported. If this Service Update is applied to PCs where other versions than VS200 ASW V3.4.1 are installed, an error message will appear, and this Service Update will not be installed.

Improvements coming with this Service Update

This Service Update eliminates the following occasionally occurring issues:

  • Tango controller was not recognized after turning on the hardware the first time.
  • Scanning into the database prevented the image from being closed.
  • Software froze when saving single images into the database.
  • During a brightfield batch scan, the software sometimes crashed.
  • Checkerboard pattern appeared when using the NOVEM light source with two channels within its internal filter wheel.
  • Editing the sample mask and navigating between slides could lead to a software crash.
  • Sample mask was still visible on the final overview image.
  • Focus map took very long to generate for some images.
  • Software appeared to be out of memory.

Confirmation before installation

Make sure that all applications, including VS200 ASW V3.4.1, are closed. 

Installation Procedure

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Log on with administrator rights.
  3. Double-click the Service Update file.
  4. If the user account control screen appears, select 'Yes'.
  5. The 'Preparing to Install' screen appears. When the installation preparation is completed, the screen proceeds to the next screen automatically.
  6. The 'Select Installation' screen appears. Make sure that the software you want to update is selected. Click 'Next'.
  7. The 'Setup Status' screen appears.
  8. When the setup is completed, the 'InstallShield Wizard Complete' screen appears. Click the 'Finish' button.
  9. The Service Update for V3.4.1 is installed on your PC.
  10. Restart your PC to assure all associated components are properly installed.
  11. You can verify this installation by going to Help > Check for Updates > Service Updates inside VS200-ASW.

    Installation Procedure
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