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11 octobre, 2016

L’Olympus Discovery Center de l’Université du Texas à Dallas propose aux chercheurs des outils de microscopie de pointe

The Olympus Discovery Center at UT Dallas reflects one of the core philosophies of Olympus – that of supporting researchers by providing innovative microscopy equipment to help them push forward the frontiers of science. The Olympus Discovery Center at UT Dallas houses some of the most advanced Olympus light microscopy systems including:

  • FLUOVIEW FV3000RS high-speed, high-sensitivity confocal microscope imaging system
  • FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS Twin multiphoton imaging system
  • SD-OSR spinning disk confocal microscope system with Olympus Super Resolution
  • cellTIRF simultaneous 4-color TIRF module with IX83 inverted microscope frame
  • VS120 ultra-high-resolution whole-slide scanning system with 100-slide loader

The partnership will advance microscopy and imaging-based research in North Texas while supporting researchers in their work. The equipment at UT Dallas’s Olympus Discovery Center will enable researchers to carry out a wide variety of life science imaging experiments and give students an opportunity to learn advanced microscopy techniques. Some of the first studies that will be pursued using the new equipment include:

  • Confocal imaging of tumor-assisted fibroblasts and blood vessels in breast and lung cancer animal models
  • Characterization of the biological response to microscale neural implants
  • Multiphoton microscopy to characterize neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease and explore the brain circuitry in pain pathways
  • Single-molecule-based microscopy to understand enzyme-mediated structural changes in DNA

“ We’re proud that the University of Texas at Dallas will host an Olympus Discovery Center,” said Lee Wagstaff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Olympus Scientific Solutions. “ UT Dallas has been at the forefront of biomedical research and we look forward to seeing how our products will contribute to future discoveries.”

Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, Associate Provost and Professor of Bioengineering at UT Dallas, commented, " Through our partnership with Olympus, our cutting-edge imaging facility will enable our growing faculty to pursue innovative biological and molecular science. Furthermore, the facility will attract exceptional faculty candidates and students to our University community."

Olympus Discovery Centers provide researchers the ability to acquire and analyze vital imaging data using advanced microscopy tools. They also serve as a nexus for histology training, information, and technique development, as well as a center for learning sample preparation, imaging, and image processing. Olympus continues to work closely with its academic partners to develop new products to meet the changing needs of researchers.

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