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Olympus scanR High-Content Screening Station v. 3.3 Adds Improved Deep-Learning Capabilities for Fast, Efficient Image Analysis
Version 3.3 improves the deep-learning technology’s capabilities to reliably separate objects in biological samples using instance segmentation, the ability to detect and delineate distinct objects of interest in an image.
Olympus Announces First Results of Its AI-Based Pathology Diagnostic Tool for Gastric Cancer
The results of Olympus’ ongoing joint research program to create an AI-based pathology diagnostic tool with the potential to streamline pathologists’ workloads were announced at the Japan Society of Digital Pathology Study annual meeting.
ライフサイエンス研究の効率向上に貢献するクラウドサービス「Olympus Life Science Solution Cloud」の提供を開始
クラウドサービス「Olympus Life Science Solution Cloud」を2021年10月20日(水)から国内で提供を開始します。2022年3月末までは、モニターキャンペーンとして月額無償で全機能の利用が可能です。
サイエンスの持つ芸術性:オリンパス、第3回Global Image of the Yearコンテストを開催
オリンパス主催の第3回Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Awardが、2022年1月31日まで開催中です。
Olympus Announces First Organoid Conference to Support Stem Cell Research
Olympus is proud to announce its first Olympus Organoid Conference—Think Deep, See Deeper, which will be held virtually on Sept. 7–9, 2021.
New Olympus DP28 and DP23 Cameras Win Premier Innovation Award
The new Olympus DP28 and DP23 microscope cameras were chosen by a committee of clinicians and healthcare professionals to receive a Premier Innovation Award for their potential to meet unmet clinical needs and improve patient care.
Olympus and Grundium Partner to Make Digital Pathology More Accessible
Olympus and Grundium Ltd. are collaborating to combine their expertise in microscopy optics and digital imaging to benefit pathology. Grundium has incorporated Olympus’ high-performance X Line™ objectives into its Ocus® portable single slide scanners to enable convenient creation and sharing of high-quality digital slides. The combined solution brings flexibility and reliability to pathologists’ remote consultations. In addition, as part of the partnership, Olympus now offers the Ocus product line with integrated X Line objectives across Europe and North America.
インキュベーションモニタリングシステム「OLYMPUS Provi CM20」が2021 Edison Awardにて銅賞を受賞
インキュベーションモニタリングシステム「OLYMPUS Provi CM20」は、細胞培養のワークフローを効率化する画期的な点が評価され、世界の革新的な製品とビジネスリーダーを評価する「2021 Edison Awards」の細胞研究と疾病予防部門において銅賞を受賞しました。
Olympus Announces Global Image of the Year Award Winners
Olympus unveiled the winners of their second Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Award, an annual competition that recognizes the best in life science imaging.
The Olympus Discovery Summit Virtually Connects the Microscopy Community
Olympus’ next virtual life science event, the Olympus Discovery Summit—Looking Forward: A New Era of Research will take place on April 27–29, 2021.
Stunning Images and Smart Features Make Olympus DP28 and DP23 Microscope Cameras Powerful Enough for Almost Any Life Science Imaging Application
Two new DP series cameras share advanced, time-saving features while enabling users to choose the most suitable model based on the level of resolution.
Now offered through a partnership between Olympus and PhaseView, the Alpha3 light sheet confocal microscope provides reduced phototoxicity and improved speed
Combining Olympus’ BX43 upright frame and optics with PhaseView’s advanced multiview selective plane illumination technology, the Alpha3 is a high-performance modular laser light sheet fluorescence microscope for quantitative 3D imaging of live and fixed specimens.
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