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TXNDC9 regulates oxidative stress-induced androgen receptor signaling to promote prostate cancer progression
  • がん・免疫
2019年 9月02日Oncogene

Tingting Feng, Ru Zhao, Feifei Sun, Qiqi Lu, Xueli Wang, Jing Hu, Shiguan Wang, Lin Gao, Qianqian Zhou, Xueting Xiong, Xuesen Dong, Lin Wang & Bo Han

Integration of an ultra-strong poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid, PLGA) knitted mesh into a thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) PLGA porous structure to yield a thin biphasic scaffold suitable for dermal tissue engineering
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年 9月02日Biofabrication

Eamonn McKenna, Travis J. Klein, Michael R. Doran, and Kathryn Futrega

LDL receptor related protein 1 requires the I3 domain of discs-large homolog 1/DLG1 for interaction with the kinesin motor protein KIF13B
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年 9月02日Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research

Joslyn Mills, Toshihiko Hanada, Yoichi Hase, Laura Liscum, Athar H. Chishti

Rasal2 suppresses breast cancer cell proliferation modulated by secretory autophagy
  • がん・免疫
2019年 8月31日Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Xuan Wang, Xuzhi Yin, Yonghua Yang

SmPPT, a 4-hydroxybenzoate polyprenyl diphosphate transferase gene involved in ubiquinone biosynthesis, confers salt tolerance in Salvia miltiorrhiza
  • 植物・農学
2019年 8月30日Plant Cell Reports

Miaomiao Liu, Xiang Chen, Meizhen Wang, Shanfa Lu

Lysosome-Rich Enterocytes Mediate Protein Absorption in the Vertebrate Gut
  • 発生生物学
2019年 8月29日Developmental Cell

Jieun Park, Daniel S. Levic, Kaelyn D. Sumigray, Jennifer Bagwell, Oznur Eroglu, Carina L. Block, Cagla Eroglu, Robert Barry, Colin R. Lickwar, John F. Rawls, Stephen A. Watts, Terry Lechler, Michel Bagnat

A homo-chiral helical coordination polymer constructed from an achiral ligand with excellent photo-physical properties and cell imaging application
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年 8月28日New Journal of Chemistry

Xiaofan Ma, Weili Kong, Maierhaba Abudoureheman, Jun Zhang and Xiaopeng Xuan

Propofol prevents oxidative stress and apoptosis by regulating iron homeostasis and targeting JAK/STAT3 signaling in SH-SY5Y cells
  • 神経科学
2019年 8月28日Brain Research Bulletin

Ying Zhang, Yong Zuo, Bowen Li, Jinhong Xie, Zhao Ma, Anand Thirupathi, Peng Yu, Guofen Gao, Mengtong Shi, Changhao Zhou, Hongmeng Xu, Yanzhong Chang, Zhenhua Shi

Disruption of Redox Homeostasis by Enzymatic Activation of a Triakylphosphine Probe in Mitochondria
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年 8月28日ChemRxiv

Jade Nguyen, Alina Tirla and Pablo Rivera-Fuentes

A fully degradable and photocrosslinked polysaccharide-polyphosphate hydrogel for tissue engineering
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年 8月28日Carbohydrate Polymers

Ying Hao, Jinlin He, Xun Ma, Lin Feng, Mo Zhu, Yuanxin Zhai, Yang Liu, Peihong Ni, Guosheng Cheng