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Tong Wu
Tong Wu

Tong Wu

Business Development Manager

Tong Wu joined Olympus in 2012 after completing her Ph.D. in China (State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, DLUT). Now, Tong is a business development manager, supporting high-end microscopes in Olympus Australia. With a research background in fluorescent dyes for bio-imaging and bio-labelling, Tong Wu is enthusiastic to engage with customers’ research applications.

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Product Demo: SLIDEVIEW™ VS200 Research Slide Scanner

Chunsong Yan
사업 개발 관리자, 생명과학
Olympus Australia & New Zealand
Tong Wu
Business Development Manager
Olympus Australia New Zealand
The Olympus SLIDEVIEW VS200 research slide scanner captures high-quality virtual slide images and enables advanced quantitative image analysis. Reliable virtual slide data can be acquired with as few as two clicks. Highly versatile, the SLIDEVIEW VS200 slide scanner supports five observation methods and a wide range of sample sizes for use in various applications. Its automatic slide loader accommodates many slide glasses, helping increase experiment efficiency.
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