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DP74 Firmware update (Ver.60)(for Windows OS-32bit)

DP74 Firmware update (Ver.60)(for Windows OS-32bit)

This program updates the firmware for DP74 microscope digital camera.
*This update does not affect cellSens software. The version of cellSens software does not change with this update.

Object product:

DP74 microscope digital camera


  • Restore the firmware for suppressing the generation of foreign objects to factory default.

Installation Procedure

  1. Before proceeding with the update, read the following precautions:
    This update program comes with an “OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.” Prior to downloading the software, please read the “OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.” When the downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you agree to the terms in this AGREEMENT.

    IMPORTANT: The download file is a program dedicated to 32-bit OS, so make sure that the OS of the PC on which it is to be installed is 32-bit system.
  2. Perform the download procedure:
    (1) Select the “DP74_EEPROM60_32bit.exe” (3.80MB) file from the right side of the page.
    (2) When the Download File dialog box appears, click “Save,” and save the file to a folder on your PC that is used with the DP74 camera.
    (3) Double click the “DP74_EEPROM60_32bit.exe” file saved on your PC to start the firmware update process. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the update.

    For details about this update, click here.
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