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Hoffman Modulation Contrast Microscopy Gallery

The Olympus Microscopy Resource Center gallery of Hoffman modulation contrast photomicrography contains images taken under a wide variety of conditions using many different specimens. Use the links below to navigate to the individual entries in the gallery.

  • TitleAscorbic Acid
  • TitleBasswood Stem
  • TitleBiotin
  • TitleDeer Tick
  • TitleDiatoms
  • TitleDuck-billed Dinosaur
  • TitleDown Feathers
  • TitleFish Scales
  • TitleAdult Flea
  • TitleLanthanum Aluminate
  • TitleLiquid Crystalline DNA
  • TitleLlama Hair
  • TitleMixed Pollen
  • TitleApollo 15 Moon Rock
  • TitlePetrified Wood
  • TitlePoly Benzimidazole
  • TitleStentor Protozoan
  • TitleTacrine
  • TitleWater Flea

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