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23 Julho, 2020

Colaboração entre a Olympus e a Cytosurge para fornecer uma solução completa de manipulação genética de célula única e CRISPR nas Américas

The FluidFM® BOT BIO Series combines Olympus’ renowned optics with Cytosurge’s cell manipulation expertise

WALTHAM, Mass., (July 23, 2020)—Olympus, a leading manufacturer of high-end research microscopes, and Cytosurge, a precision manufacturer of cell manipulation technologies, have entered a co-marketing agreement to become a complete system provider to the scientific community’s growing need for next-generation single-cell and CRISPR genetic manipulation solutions.

The demand continues to rise as researchers see their potential to study diseases, find medical treatments and benefit human health. Cytosurge provides a powerful genetic manipulation solution with the FluidFM® BOT BIO Series, a highly automated system built on the Olympus IX83 inverted microscope with Olympus’ renowned optics. In addition to CRISPR genome editing, the system’s core functionalities—intracellular- and nuclear- injection and extraction, pick-and-place at the microscale, and precise dispensing of liquids—enable a broad range of applications, including single-cell drug assays, monoclonal cell line development and nanoprinting of custom patterns.

“We are very excited to formalize a partnership with Cytosurge, as we have worked with them for many years,” said Lee Wagstaff, Vice President of Life Science Sales and Marketing at Olympus Corporation of the Americas. “With the FluidFM BOT BIO Series, we see tremendous potential for continued collaboration to blend our optical technologies with their high-precision cell manipulation technologies.”

Wagstaff continued, “The increasing interest in CRISPR genetic manipulation is just one of the many important trends that shows the importance of using this technology to help understand the biological mechanisms of disease and improve the health and well-being of society. We look forward to increasing our joint activities, which will aid researchers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry and precision medicine field.”

Cytosurge CEO Pascal Behr commented, “The USA was the last missing key market in Cytosurge’s strategic development plan to cover the globe. Our new partnership with Olympus Corporation of the Americas epitomizes the objectives and values of our company, embodying a very high level of understanding and mutual trust. Everything is ready for a rapid and effective market launch to make our remarkable FluidFM technology available on the American continent. With this, we are empowering researchers in both academia and the private sector to go beyond current technological barriers and help them bring new, much-needed therapies and medications to the market faster.”

For more information about Olympus microscopes, visit Olympus-LifeScience.com.

For more information about the Cytosurge FluidFM BOT BIO Series, visit Cytosurge.com.

About Olympus

Olympus is passionate about the solutions it creates for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries, as well as cameras and audio products. For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by helping detect, prevent, and treat disease, furthering scientific research, ensuring public safety, and capturing images of the world.

Olympus has manufactured microscopes since the company’s founding in 1919. Today, our Life Sciences business is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs and expectations of life science professionals through a comprehensive range of clinical research, educational, and high-end research microscopes and microscope systems. For more information, visit www.Olympus-LifeScience.com.

About Cytosurge

Cytosurge brings with its FluidFM solutions significant benefits to a wide range of applications in life sciences, biophysics and mechanobiology. Unique benefits include quantitative volume measurements of injected compounds into single cells during drug development, improved CRISPR gene editing by direct delivery into the nucleus, isolation of selected cells directly from confluent culture, 2.5D nano-printing down to submicron levels, or single-cell adhesion and colloidal probe measurements.

Cytosurge AG develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art nanotechnology solutions and systems based on its patented FluidFM® technology. At the heart of the technology are the hollow FluidFM probes, which have apertures down to 300 nm, enabling the handling of femtoliter volumes.

For more information, visit www.Cytosurge.com.

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