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Cell Culture

Microscope System Solution

Inverted microscopes from Olympus represent the perfect solution for cell culture in which a variety of cells are grown under controlled conditions thanks to its easy and quick operation combined with excellent optical performance, optimal working distances and various contrast methods. With a slim and compact design, centring free phase contrast and optional fluorescence capability, all kinds of live cells checks can be easily and quickly performed.

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Microscope Frames

Cell Counter model R1

  • Exclusive Software for Accurate Cell Counting
  • Innovative Autofocusing Liquid Lens Technology
  • User-Friendly Design
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  • Centering free phase contrast
  • Inversion contrast (IVC) technique provides clear three-dimensional views.
  • Fluorescence with 3 positions slider
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  • Ergonomics
  • Stability
  • Digital imaging
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  • 2.8-megapixel color CCD
  • Fast high-quality imaging for conferences and teaching
  • Fast USB3.0 connection
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  • 1.4 Megapixel monochorome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity
  • Fast Live image speed
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  • Measurement for Non-stain Cultured Cells and Confluence
  • Less Risk for Contamination
  • Quick and Easy Operation
  • Improve Cell Culture Process Quality with Quantitative Analysis
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  • Modular Imaging software platform
  • Intuitive application driven user interface
  • Broad feature set ranging from simple snapshot to advanced multi-dimensional real-time experiments
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Objectives Series


  • Used in combination with the pre-centered phase contrast slider, CKX3-SLP.
  • Eliminates the need for centering adjustment when changing the objective magnification in phase contrast observation.
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  • Offers long working distance, universal objectives for phase-contrast images.
  • Displays flat images from high transmission factors up to the near-infrared region of the spectrum.
  • Exclusively designed for culture specimens, regardless of the thickness and material of the vessel.
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  • Used in combination with the pre-center type phase contrast slider, IX2-SLP.
  • Eliminates thee need for centering adjustment when changing the objective magnification in phase contrast observation.
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