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OLYMPUS Provi CM20 update software V1.2.6 installer

OLYMPUS Provi CM20 update software V1.2.6 installer

This is an installer of OLYMPUS Provi CM20 Update Software V1.2.6.
See the Release Note to check the changes of this update.

How to check the version

When you start OLYMPUS Provi CM20 software, the version will be displayed on the login screen.

How to check the version

Installation procedure

  1. Before staring the procedure;
    This software has a "program license agreement". Please be sure to read the program license agreement before downloading. By starting the download, it is considered that you have agreed to this agreement. 

  2. File download;
    (2-1) Select the download button at the top right of the page.
    (2-2) Enter the required information.
    * The serial number of DS-11-CM20 is printed on the service tag label on the top of the unit

    File download

    (2-3) Click the [Send] button to start the download.
    * It may take some time to download depending on your OS and network environment.
  3. Installation procedure;
    - Before updating software, long-press the power/passaging button of the Head to turn OFF the power of the Head.

    (3-1) Start OLYMPUS Provi CM20 software and log in with Administrator privileges.
    (3-2) Execute the update according to the following procedure.

    Installation procedures1. 2.
    Installation procedures3. 4

    - For the upload file, select "CM20_Provi_installer_1.2.6.5104.zip" from the download file. *Do not unzip

    Installation procedures5 .6.

    - When the message below appears, please do not restart the station PC after you press the [Yes] button, and wait for it to restart automatically. Do not press the power button during the installation process.

* Installation is not allowed unless the user has administrator privileges. If you are registered in "Restricted Account", please change to "Administrator". (For registering a user account, refer to the instruction manual of your computer.)
* Please be sure to read the program license agreement before downloading.
* A form for entering necessary information will be displayed before starting the download.

Clear your web browser cache

Before using the OLYMPUS Provi CM20 after installing the update file, please clear the cache of your web browser. If you do not clear the cache, the updated software may not be displayed correctly in your web browser. Please follow the procedure specified in your web browser to clear the cache.

(Reference) Cash clear of Google Chrome browser
1. Place select "Settings" from the browser menu
2. Select "Clear browsing data" in the privacy and security
3. Set time range as "All time” and check "Cached images and files" and finally click “clear data” button



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