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Application note “Low Chromatic Aberration Objective PLAPON60XOSC for Quadruple Immunofluorescence of Brain Tissue”
Application note “The use of silicone objectives for deep tissue observation of a whole placenta rendered transparent with clearing reagent ScaleU2”
Welcome to 4K Microscopy: The 9-megapixel UC90 camera captures it all
CKX-CCSW: Fast, Accurate Cell Counting and Confluency Measurement during Cell Culture
CKX53: A Compact, Ergonomic Inverted Microscope Designed for Cell Culture Applications
The next generation Z drift compensator "IX3-ZDC2" keeps the sample in sharp focus and supports a larger range of objectives and sample vessels.
Introducing, Cell Counter model R1, Olympus’ New Automated Cell Counter that Delivers
OLYMPUS Innovation Forum 2015 will be held in Kobe on July 28, 2015
EMBL Introductory Course: Fundamentals of Widefield and Confocal Microscopy and Imaging
This five-day course provides an overview of the basics of microscopy (light and optics, contrast techniques and imaging).
EMBL Advanced Course: Fluorescence Imaging Techniques
Advanced light microscopy techniques will be covered in this practical course, with participants learning how to derive qualitative and quantitative insights on molecular mechanisms in cells and developing organisms.
China-United Kingdom Cancer (CUKC) Conference 2015
The 4th China-United Kingdom Cancer (CUKC) Conference is being held on the 17th – 18th July 2015 at the National Museum, Cardiff.
奥林巴斯FLUOVIEW FVMPE-RS多光子显微镜系列为和快速成像和成像深度变化的生物标本增加了两个新型配置
A five-day residential course, ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School will be held in Edinburgh
The course is designed to give participants a thorough grounding in super-resolution microscopy in an informal and intimate setting.


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