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XM10 Monochrome Camera

Monochrome Camera

The XM10 offers a wide range of properties required in the field of fluorescence microscopy, extreme sensitivity, cooling, variable exposure times and optional external trigger function. The XM10 has a 1.4 megapixel CCD chip with a bit depth of 14 bits. The 2x binning mode enables frame rates of more than 15 images per second. This makes it easier to focus and to locate areas of interest on samples while conserving highly sensitive fluorescence samples. The high-resolution mode is ideal for acquisition. The XM10 is extremely sensitive and supports long integration times of up to 160 seconds. In combination with the camera cooling, these characteristics are ideal requirements for making noise-free acquisitions of low-intensity fluorescence. In live mode, the XM10 can superimpose a pseudo-color onto a monochrome image in accordance with the fluorescence emission.

The XM10 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

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