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The BX53 Biological Microscope Featuring a New High Luminosity LED with Excellent Color Rendering Performance
Designed for high reliability and ease of use, the BX3 series is the flagship in Olympus' range of biological microscopes. An extensive line up of models are available to suit different user needs, from ergonomic models ideal for routine work in clinical laboratories to fully-automated instruments necessary for cutting-edge life science research.
The Art of Science: Olympus Launches the First Global Image of the Year Award
Olympus has launched its first Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Award, recognizing the best in life science imaging worldwide.
Olympus scanR 3.1 – AI Meets Live Cell Imaging
The Olympus scanR 3.1 high-content screening station uses the power of AI to carry out groundbreaking analyses of live cells – analyses that until recently seemed impossible.
X Line Objective Lenses Break Optical Barriers with Simultaneously Improved Image Flatness, Chromatic Aberration
First plan apochromat objectives in the world to achieve a numerical aperture of 1.5 were launched concurrently
Slim LED Transmitted Light Illumination Base with Turret System and LED Light Source Expand Observation and Contrast Options for SZX2/SZ2/MVX10 Microscopes
Users of Olympus’ SZX2 and SZ2 series stereo microscopes and the MVX10 fluorescence microscope can expand their observation capabilities thanks to a new slim 41.5 mm (1.6 in.) LED transmitted light illumination base.
Optimized for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), the Olympus IX73SC Microscope Helps Increase the Efficiency of ICSI
The Olympus IX73SC inverted microscope system is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) solution that facilitates and even eliminates steps in the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) workflow as part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process.
Now offered through a partnership between Olympus and PhaseView, the Alpha3 light sheet confocal microscope provides reduced phototoxicity and improved speed
Combining Olympus’ BX43 upright frame and optics with PhaseView’s advanced multiview selective plane illumination technology, the Alpha3 is a high-performance modular laser light sheet fluorescence microscope for quantitative 3D imaging of live and fixed specimens.
Cámara en color inalámbrica Olympus EP50 (WLAN) que involucra a los estudiantes en el aula mientras facilita las aplicaciones completamente autónomas
Cada microscopio que alberga una cámara EP50 de Olympus se convierte en un sistema de procesamiento de imágenes inalámbrico idóneo para su clase. El uso de su propia señal LAN inalámbrica permite que esta cámara de 5 megapíxeles transmita imágenes de alta resolución y videos Full HD a los dispositivos móviles o PC con conexión LAN inalámbrica habilitada.
Olympus SpinSR10 Super Resolution Imaging System with Improved Efficiency Delivers Clearer Images, Reduced Phototoxicity and is 3X Brighter
The Olympus high-sensitivity SpinSR10 super resolution microscope combines fast 0.005 seconds/frame acquisition speed and 120-nanometer super resolution with improvements that provide clearer images and three times the brightness of the standard SpinSR10 model.
Increase Efficiency and Accelerate Drug Discovery Research with Olympus NoviSight™ 3D Cell Analysis Software
3D imaging technology provides images of the cell cluster down to the nuclei while mitigating drug discovery risks
Olympus TruResolution Objectives Maximize Resolution in Deep Imaging for Neuroscience Research
Two new Olympus TruResolution objectives for multiphoton laser scanning microscopes deliver an industry-first automatic spherical aberration compensation function that automatically compensates for Z-shifts when operating the correction collar.
Dos nuevos microscopios verticales FLUOVIEW FV3000 proporcionan a la industria mayor velocidad de imágenes
Aprovechando el éxito obtenido con la plataforma de imagen FLUOVIEW, ahora los usuarios puede hacer uso de la velocidad y flexibilidad del microscopio confocal de escaneo láser FV3000 en dos nuevos modelos desarrollados para experimentos in vitro y en vivo.
El sistema de imágenes con super resolución IXplore SpinSR10 de Olympus revela los más pequeños detalles
Con un poder de resolución que supera los límites de los microscopios ópticos convencionales, el sistema de imagen IXplore SpinSR10 de Olympus compensa velocidad, resolución y eficiencia en una sola y flexible plataforma. Una alta frecuencia de imágenes y una resolución XY de 120 nm permiten observar pequeños detalles y el desarrollo de estructuras celulares internas, otorgando al mismo tiempo, la capacidad para alternar entre los modos de imagen: super resolución, confocal y campo amplio.
The Olympus SC180 High-Resolution Camera Provides Virtually Noise-Free Images and Life-Like Color Reproduction For On-Screen Microscopy
Accelerate your routine microscopy work with the Olympus SC180 microscope camera. With a full 18 megapixels, the SC180 camera delivers the high-resolution images required to make insightful observations. The camera delivers excellent performance for brightfield applications, increasing throughput through fast focusing and imaging capabilities while resolving more information on the screen than what can be viewed through the eyepieces.
Microscopio biológico BX53 con una nueva y alta luminosidad LED, y un excelente rendimiento de color
El nuevo microscopio BX53 presenta un sistema de luz LED de alta luminosidad con un excelente rendimiento de color que proporciona claridad, y una reproducción de colores igual o mejor que la de una lámpara halógena de 100 W. Es posible obtener imágenes brillantes y nítidas sin filtros adicionales de densidad neutra o de luz del día. La alta luminosidad LED puede ser utilizada para configurar sistemas de cabezal múltiple que permiten la discusión de hasta de 26 personas.
Olympus Employees Donate Nearly 1,200 Volunteer Hours to Greater-Atlantic City Charities
Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovations in life science and industrial solutions, among other core businesses, announced today that over 250 of its employees from around the country participated in a Day of Caring in Greater-Atlantic City, donating nearly 1,200 hours of volunteer time to local charities. Olympus recognizes the importance of supporting community organizations and is passionate about giving its employees opportunities to get involved.
Stay on track with cellSens 1.17
Providing flexible object tracking to evaluate dynamic processes and a simplified GUI with 4K support, Olympus’ cellSens imaging software offers sophisticated solutions to extract more research data and save time in clinical laboratories.
The Olympus CX43 and CX33 Microscopes Deliver Exceptional User Comfort During Long Periods of Routine Microscope Observation
Ergonomic and easy to use, the new Olympus CX43 and CX33 microscopes help keep users comfortable during long periods of use, maximizing work efficiency.
Los microscopios CX43 y CX33 proporcionan comodidad superior a sus usuarios durante períodos prolongados de observaciones microscópicas de rutina.
Ergonómicos y fáciles de usar, los nuevos microscopios CX43 y CX33 están desarrollados para mantener a sus usuarios cómodos durante períodos prolongados de uso, y maximizar la eficiencia de sus trabajos.

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