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Dr. Gulpreet Kaur
Dr. Gulpreet Kaur

Dr. Gulpreet Kaur

Research Imaging Applications Specialist, Scientific Solutions Group, Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Dr. Kaur completed her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied organelle biology using live cell spinning disc confocal microscopy.

Dr. Kaur has over six years of experience in microscopy, and has worked on various technologies including confocal, spinning disk, super-resolution, and light-sheet imaging. Dr. Kaur served as a trainer for a microscopy and image analysis core facility at University of Wisconsin-Madison and consulted with scientists on experiment design and optimization of imaging conditions.

Dr. Kaur serves as a national representative for the Olympus Scientific Solutions team specializing in the Alpha3 light-sheet system and helps scientists apply cutting-edge imaging technologies in their research projects.

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